Juxtapose I.

The first company is comprised of resident artists as well as guest artists, all local to the Houston Area.


Jenna Westall, Melissa Ludwig, Paige Frost

Dwain Travis, Tuesday Boswell, Jade Devault, Edward DeShane

Emily Sayre


Juxtapose II.

The Juxtapose II dancers are a pre-professional performing dance company technically trained in ballet and contemporary and distinguished between senior, junior, and apprentice company status. They perform in the entire Juxtapose Arts Collective Season, alongside professional artists, as well as dance festivals around the Houston Area. The Jux II Company is comprised of strong dancers who are hungry to learn and perform in the Houston Arts Community.


JII Senior Company


JII Junior Company

DSC05089 (TF).jpg

Ava Henehan, Rand Ludtke, Bethany Askins,

Alicia Price, Johanna Miles, Riley Cassarino

Not pictured: Elisa Molldrem


JII Apprentice Company


Lauryn High, Skylor Hoyler, Sophia Guillory,

Adeline LeBlanc, Sophia Nardozzi, Sarah Morgan


JII Auxiliary Company

DSC05094 C.jpg

Jaden Cooper Ally Tyrna, Rachel Stonestreet,

Eva Johnson, Jacob Meyerson, Madisyn Zatopek

Not pictured: Ava Pitts



The JETES (Juxtapose Emphasis Theatre Ensemble) are a triple-threat traveling performance group comprised of students from The JETPAC that perform set repertoire work in ballet, tap, contemporary, and jazz in their very own show, BLOCKBUSTERS!  They SING, ACT, and DANCE their way around the Houston Community at festivals and events! The JETES also perform in select shows in the Juxtapose Arts Collective Season and is the precursor company to Juxtapose II.


Lauryn High, Ava Henehan, Madisyn Zatopek, Skylor Hoyler, Kailey Zatopek,

Lily Campbell, Emilie Dimel, Lark Wilson, Sophia Nardozzi, Lillian Randecker,

Olivia Deal, Alexa Blankenship, Sofia Bright, Hannah Holguin, Olivia Powell